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formerly known as This is ILR

formerly known as This is ILR



Dave Christian
Like most of Britain’s top disc jockeys, Dave Christian’s career started during the pirate radio era of the sixties. But unlike some of his counterparts, he did not actually find himself out on the high seas. He was a warm-up deejay for jocks like Tony Windsor who appeared in clubs and ballrooms of the mid-sixties. Turning his energies toward a degree in electronic engineering, Dave wrota a thesis about the development of commercial radio. During his research for this paper he visited Radio Luxembourg in London, and met up with Tony Winsor again. This eventful meeting resulted in Dave’s first radio job, as a newsreader from London for Radio Luxembourg. But having a news desk in London became a non-workable project and Dave moved over to the Grand Duchy in January 1969. Dave worked his way up the ladder at Luxembourg to become one of their all-time most popular DJ’s. In the summer of 1975 he elected to leave Luxembourg for the new commercial station in Portsmouth, Radio Victory


Eugene Fraser
Born in Fiji, Eugene started on radio in New Zealand where he worked for NZBC. He came to England and immediately got work with the BBC as a staff announcer, presenting a wide variety of programmes as well as news and continuity work. He considers his eight years with the BBC as “very restful” because of the minimal demand on his creative ability. In mid 1975, Eugene Was asked by David Symonds to join Portsmouth’s new commercial station Radio Victory.



Glenn Richards
Hailing originally from Northern Ireland, where he worked as a cabaret impressionist, Glynn went to Portsmouth in 1972 to take up the job as Entertainment Manager on the South Parade Pier. A fire which caused heavy damage to the pier during the shooting of the Ken Russell film Tommy destroyed Glenn’s 17,000 records and cost him his job, but luckily about this time, the new commercial station in Portsmouth was opening and Glenn secured a job on Radio Victory.


From the book "The Music Spinners, Britain's Radio DJs", edited by Nick Oakley & Dave Gotz, © 1976 MRP Book


Dave Christian being bad for his health...


Eugene Fraser while the show was recorded (hear it on our audio page) with David Symonds making a guest appearance.


Glenn Richards gets callers IDs from the switchboard under the watchful eye of Dave Symonds, Head of Programmes.

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